The Johnny Cash Story

A one or two-man musical performance telling the story of Johnny Cash and featuring songs made famous by him.

The Johnny Cash Story consists of two halves:

The first half tells the story from Johnny Cash's early days in Dyess, Arkensas moving on through his spell in the American Air Force, his audition for Sam Phillips at Sun Records, his marriage to June Carter, the hits he had along the way and some of the scrapes he found himself in, all the way through to his later resurgence with the American Recordings series of albums produced by Rick Rubin, leading up to his death in 2003.

The second half of the show is a re-enactment of the prison concerts he performed featuring some of the songs from those concerts, leading into some of his greatest hits and most well know and loved songs, and finally concluding, as John himself often did, with a gospel music songalong.

The show features Lee playing "live" acoustic guitar and his brother Jamie playing "live" electric guitar (in the style of Johnny's long time guitarist Luther Perkins) the sound being augmented by backing tracks, as well as some totally acoustic songs. It appeals to all age groups and which contains narration as well as songs to truly tell the whole Johnny Cash Story from poor cotton-picking country boy to all American Icon and musical colossus.

Some of the songs from the show can be heard below:

Here we have 2 extracts from the show which illustrate how the story is told:
Story Extract 1 - Story Extract 2
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